The Territory War Game

TerritoryWarThe Territory War game was principally developed by AfroNinja. The mouse is always there for players to select while space will help to jump. The arrow keys will simply help to move easily when playing the game. It is important to know that the game will not only portray war, but metal. Players can claim their territory in the name of incubus if required. Studies have also shown that it is a turn-based combat game. Players will have to defeat the opponent’s team simply by killing them one by one. For each turn, you can gain two points, stay or move. If you decide to move, then it means covering the limited distance. This can be by getting closer to an enemy or moving away. Provided you have selected from any of the options, there is also the opportunity to attack your opponent. Options of machine gun, sniper and grenade an enemy can be offered when playing the Territory War game.

It is also known as a sick game displaying stick features killing each other in a turn-based war zone. The fact is that players can find several fun things to do while playing the game. However, these fun things revolved around a central platform called total destruction. Players have the option to play the campaign mode. You can as well create your own personalized wars or one of the six challenges. For the campaign option, players will be taking through level after level of the overall chaos and mayhem. This is because both actions are required for the game. In case you are planning to get a quickie in, simply give the challenge option a try. On the challenge option, players are only offered just a single task to complete. For instance, you may be given a task to toss grenades through the rings.